Flooring Installation Services

Mercier- White Oak- Natural Hardwood Flooring- hardwood flooring installation

Solid Hardwood Flooring Installation 

Solid hardwood floors are nailed or stapled down on top of a wooden subfloor. The subfloor is laid perpendicular to the floor joists and hardwood floors are usually installed parallel to the floor joists, unless other considerations are taken into account like the direction of the hallways and the total area being covered with hardwood. There is a wax paper that is put under the hardwood floors prior to installation. This is no way a vapor barrier, or meant to be used as a moisture barrier as it is punctured with nails or staples during installation. This wax paper is put down to facilitate the sliding of the pieces into place during installation.

Baseboards, shoe molding or quarter rounds are installed after the completion of the hardwood flooring installation to cover the gap that is left between the wall and the hardwood floors to allow for any expansion that occurs during the summer months with the increase in temperature and humidity.

Since solid hardwood floor installation requires the existence of a wooden subfloor, it is suitable to be installed in first and second floors of most homes. It is not suitable to installation in basements, or apartments and condos due to the concrete subfloors found in these areas.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation 

Engineered Hardwood Floors are more flexible in terms of installation processes. They can be nailed down like solid hardwood floors, or glued down to a subfloor such as a cork or plywood subfloor. They are also produced with a click installation system, which allows them to be installed as a floating floor system on top of concrete hardwood floors. This makes Engineered hardwood floors the most versatile hardwood flooring product as it can be installed on any type of subfloor which maintaining the look and feel of genuine hardwood floors. These floors can also be site finished and refinished if necessary.

The nail down installation process for engineered hardwood flooring is the same as the solid hardwood flooring installation. The glue-down process involves first gluing or nailing down a sub-floor, and then gluing the engineered floors to the subfloor. In both the nail-down and the glue-down systems the flooring is attached to the subfloor.

The floating floor system is the easiest flooring installation process. The flooring products that can be installed in this manner are manufactured differently. Instead of having a tongue and groove construction which allows for a lip to be nailed down, they have unique clicking system that locks them together once installed without the need for glue or nails. These systems are not attached to the subfloor and are therefore called floating floors as they sit on top of the subfloor. These types of floors require an under-padding to be installed underneath them to provide a moisture barrier and for sound-proofing the floors. These floors are easier to replace if damage occurs in a small section.

Laminate Flooring Installation  

Laminate flooring are floating flooring systems that are installed using the “click” system.