Choosing the right Hardwood Flooring Grade for You

When deciding which look one would like to achieve, the grade of the hardwood flooring selected will have a major effect on the overall look of the space. It’s often overlooked, but is a critical component of pulling together the vision you have for your space. Typically hardwood comes in 3 different grades, every supplier has a name to identify these grades that varies but the premise is still the same; authentic, distinctions, and select and better.  Mercier uses this exact terminology to identify the different grades they offer, Lauzon uses a system that is similar, they’ve both made it easy to identify and  understand which grade will be most appropriate for your space. (more…)

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David Lauzon of Lauzon Flooring Visits!

David Lauzon

The M’s behind M Squared, David Lauzon, and Carol Lees


New in Store: Kentwood Urban Plank Wire Brushed Oak

To start off this week we’re really excited to let all of our followers in on what’s new hot and happening at M² Flooring & Design Center. We’d like to introduce you to the newest additions to our showroom from Kentwood Originals Urban Plank collection of Metropolitan Hardwood Floors. These additions consist of 6 wire brushed oak, 7 1/2″ wide engineered hardwood floors. Available in 6 gorgeous neutral earth tones, and a wire brushed finish, which adds a subtle distressed texture to the surface of the wood. Wire brushing, which is currently a very popular finish in the hardwood world, is a technique one can find used on Red and White oaks, Hickory, or Ash, but most popular seems to be Oak which you can find a number of different examples of this style in our showroom. The process is exactly what the name implies; to achieve this finish, a brush made of wire is taken to the surface of the wood, removing the softest parts between the grain, leaving behind the hardest most durable surface of the wood.

Hardwood Flooring We Love: Nautical White Oak


Happy Tuesday!

Cottage in the City

The breeze that carries with it the sweet smell of the lake or ocean, the feel of mother nature underfoot at you walk in the jungle, the sound of little birds chirping in the trees, only to be heard and not to be seen, being one with mother nature. These are the reasons most of us gravitate to a cottage life. Just an hour or so outside of the hustle and bustle of the city is a world of peace and tranquility. The rules of life seem different in cottage country. Life is not as fast paced and you can find yourself just taking a relaxing breath.

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Site-Finished vs. Pre-Finished

What’s your best option when it comes to choosing a hardwood flooring product: Prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring?

Pre-Finished: Prefinished flooring – as the name implies – is flooring that has the finish applied to it at the factory before it reaches the suppliers. This flooring has become very popular in recent years because of the advantages it offers:


  • During installation, you skip all the dusty mess and smells that go along with sanding and finishing.
  • The boards are already finished, so as soon as they’re installed, you can walk on them.
  • The boards are finished in a factory under ideal environmental conditions. Seven to nine coats of urethane are applied. In addition, the finish contains aluminum oxide. The result is a very hard, smooth, and durable floor.
  • Because there is no sanding and finishing, a prefinished floor can normally be installed in a little over half the time, cutting the cost of labour.


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Humidity Level

Like most valuable possessions, you own a genuine hardwood floor requires certain commitments on the part of its owner. One of the most important commitments is to keep the floor’s environment such that it is comfortable and conducive to the health of the wood.

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Why Engineered Floors Work Well in the Kitchen

Although it’s almost certainly not the most attractive option, laminated flooring is one of the most popular choices for kitchen flooring, not just in Toronto but all over the world. Cold underfoot but more stylish than laminate, tiling is another popular choice, loved by many for its simple beauty and ease of cleaning. However, if you are looking for the perfect flooring solution that does not involve making any compromises as far as style and comfort are concerned, engineered floors are the best choice in our opinion. (more…)

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Some of the Most Popular Options Offered in Hardwood Flooring Stores

Few things enhance a home’s aesthetic appeal like hardwood floors. Regardless of the wood species, stain or pattern, hardwoods instantly create an atmosphere of timeless beauty. If you’ve decided to install solid hardwood flooring in your home, good for you! But before spending money, consider each of the options available at hardwood flooring stores. (more…)

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Solid Hardwood Vs Engineered Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a gorgeous addition to any home. Constructed from classic domestic woods like Hard Maple and Red Oak or exotic species like Tigerwood or American Cherry, hardwoods create an aura of elegance. While almost everyone agrees that hardwoods are the gold standard in flooring, it isn’t so easy to agree on whether solid or engineered floors are the better option. (more…)

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