Vinyl and Laminate Flooring: A Pros & Cons Break Down

When deciding what application is best for your home, one should consider a number of factors; price, location, function, atheistic and level of durability. When you’ve narrowed it down, sometimes it seems as though you’ve only narrowed down your search to a broad category, if that broad category is vinyl and laminate flooring, than this is the blog post for you! When hardwood flooring doesn’t seem to fit the bill, alternatives like vinyl and laminate flooring crop up as solutions. This post is to help you understand some of the features of both vinyls and laminates, to make the best decision for your space, based on your needs.

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M Squared Projects: Gorgeous Grey Oak Laminate Flooring

grey laminate


Happy Friday everyone!

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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the ultimate copycat. It looks like a real wood or stone floor, but what you’re actually seeing is a high-resolution photograph of real wood or stone pressed on top of a High Density Fiberboard (HDF).

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Questions You Need to Ask a Flooring Company When Deciding Which Option to Choose

If you’ve decided to invest in new flooring for your home, then bravo! Modern floors, whether they are hardwood, laminate or engineered, tend to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional: great look, great feel, easy to keep clean, and they’ll also increase your home’s value. But top-notch floors aren’t cheap, so make sure you choose the right option for your home. (more…)

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