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New in Store: Kentwood Urban Plank Wire Brushed Oak

To start off this week we’re really excited to let all of our followers in on what’s new hot and happening at M² Flooring & Design Center. We’d like to introduce you to the newest additions to our showroom from Kentwood Originals Urban Plank collection of Metropolitan Hardwood Floors. These additions consist of 6 wire brushed oak, 7 1/2″ wide engineered hardwood floors. Available in 6 gorgeous neutral earth tones, and a wire brushed finish, which adds a subtle distressed texture to the surface of the wood. Wire brushing, which is currently a very popular finish in the hardwood world, is a technique one can find used on Red and White oaks, Hickory, or Ash, but most popular seems to be Oak which you can find a number of different examples of this style in our showroom. The process is exactly what the name implies; to achieve this finish, a brush made of wire is taken to the surface of the wood, removing the softest parts between the grain, leaving behind the hardest most durable surface of the wood.

Hardwood Flooring We Love: Nautical White Oak


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Beauty Tips for Brushed Floors

Brushed products have become one of the hottest selling segments in hardwood flooring. The attraction of brushing is obvious. The procedure involves lightly brushing the hardwood surface of the floorboard with a wire brush. This removes some of the softer fibers in the wood and leaves the remaining hard fibers more sharply defined. This effect, called ‘opening’ the grain, gives the surface of the wood a more contoured, textured and ‘natural’ looking appearance. This adds to both the aesthetic and practical value of the floor, as a brushed surface looks more interesting and is also better at concealing some minor wear and tear. Many laminate and luxury vinyl wood-look floors are also now sporting ‘brushed’ surface treatments.

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