With 2016 closing in on the last 3 months of the year, there is still plenty of time to incorporate Pantone’s color of the year, Rose Quartz with your next home flooring renovation project. You may be wondering how exactly to incorporate such a color into a mature decor scheme, or how to coordinate it with the right hardwood floor, but it’s much easier than one might think, remember to keep a few things in mind, and you should be able to achieve anyone of the looks we’ve included here.

1. Choose a light colored hardwood floor

A distinct air of sophistication can be achieved especially when combined with blond, or natural hardwood, allowing both to come together in complimentary form without competing for the spot light.  It’s my contention that nothing should overpower this color, including your hardwood. Natural Oaks, maples, and birches, are excellent choices to combine with rose quartz hardwood flooring. They have a  soft appearance which will make the space airy and bright, as well as acting as a primary neutral color from which the rose quartz colored accessories can do their job as punches of interest throughout the space.

2. Keep all other colors muted

Given that rose quartz is sort of a new and improved take on dusty rose, you want to use it in calculated punches in certain areas; throw pillows, accent pieces, rugs, etc.  The best way to avoid ending up with a space that looks like a failed attempt at a retro throw back is to keep your color palette muted and sophisticated. After you’ve determined what hardwood floor you want to incorporate in the space, let the rose quartz be the only other major focal color, against greys, beige’s, navies, blacks and whites. Again, keep the strength of colors like black and navy to a minimum, using them as accents in small doses as oppose to dramatic backdrops, or large items like area rugs. Like the flooring, light colored walls, and crown molding, will give the hardwood floor, and this color in combined look of sophisticated grandeur.

3. Keep the overall theme minimalist add personality to your floors

Rose Quarts is the perfect backdrop for a mid century twist on decor, giving us a throw back from the past, while allowing modern additions like this chevron herringbone natural oak an opportunity to create visual interest in a space that allows it to stand uncontested in the foreground, while standing behind in the background as a staple anchor for the focal pink accents.

The look does not have to be modern, in fact incorporating a twist of the past, with a dash of modernism, will really set this look off. A contemporary approach is actually sound justification, for the use of a color which was in vogue when many of our mothers were sending us off to school with metal lunch boxes and leave it to beaver was America’s favorite child star. But don’t over do it. What you can do to ensure your look is united from floor to ceiling is to choose a  hardwood floor that straddles the line between old and new, but has an interesting feature. Something like this Natural Oak chevron herringbone by Metropolitan floors is perfect. It incorporates a style, herringbone, that was also very popular in the recent past, in a modern and fresh capacity. Another way to add interest to hardwood part of a minimalist theme, is to go with a matte wire brushed finish. It’s textured appearance will contrast well with the delicate pink, giving both strength and an interesting cohesion throughout the space.


Here’s a couple other great options for light colored hardwood floors:


kent-ccchevronoak3 fuji-engineered-hickory-mercier

ivoor-solid-red-oak-mercier natural-solid-birch-lauzon


From left to right, top to bottom: Chevron Red Oak, Fuji Engineered Hickory, Ivoor Solid Red Oak, Natural Solid Birch, Natural wire brushed Red Oak





Disclaimer: All Images sourced from Pintrest