It might seem like madness to have unfinished flooring installed in your Vaughan or Toronto home but if you stop for a moment and consider the possible benefits, you may have cause to revise your initial opinion on the matter. Below, you will find a list of the key benefits associated with this type of flooring; we hope you will find it useful.

The Key Benefits of Unfinished Flooring

Should you decide that an unfinished wood floor is the way to go, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  1. Unrivalled Stability – Because the sanding and finishing process takes place on-site, i.e. in your home, you will end up with a floor that is very uniform and therefore stable. A skilled installation team can fill in any spaces as they occur and ensure that contraction and expansion due to changes in humidity will not cause you any major issues.
  2. A Finish That Matches Your Home Perfectly – One of the biggest advantages of installing unfinished flooring is the flexibility it gives you as far as the final finish is concerned. Any stain finishes that you wish to apply will be done in situ, which means that the colour can be mixed to match your existing woodwork exactly. You are not restricted to the colours available in prefinished solid hardwood surfaces when you choose this type of flooring; you can have anything you want.
  3. Customised Especially for You – If you hire a professional installer, you can have custom inlays and borders fitted at the same time as your unfinished flooring, something that is simply not possible with finished wood. You get to choose exactly how your home will look and as long as you only deal with reputable firms, the results should be first class.
  4. Natural Beauty – The fact that the sanding and finishing only takes place after your new floor has been installed makes it much easier to retain and enhance the natural beauty of the wood that being used. If you are spending a little more on exotic hardwood flooring, it makes sense to choose unfinished timber. By doing so, you can ensure that the grain and colour of the wood you choose is shown off to best effect.
  5. Easier to Refinish – Unfinished flooring is considerably easier to refinish, should you wish to do so, than prefinished timber. It generally has fewer layers of finish and because they were not baked on in a factory, they are far easier to remove. You may not wish to refinish your floor in the near future but in a few years’ time, you will almost certainly be glad that you can do so with ease.

If you are happy for the installation process to take a little longer, in order to get exactly what you want, unfinished flooring is definitely the way to go. You are guaranteed the finish that you really want and will find it cheaper and easier to restore to its former glory should it start to lose its shine.

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